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Emilio Cornejo, a famous dancer and teacher of Argentine dances, has been sharing Argentine cultural heritage with tango dancers all over the world for many years. Emilio spread knowledge about Argentinian folklore in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, England, Austria, Holland, Monaco, Serbia, Georgia, Greece, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus …

Recently he moved to Finland, and we, of course, could not resist and invited him to our marathon as an honored guest! In the framework of the marathon, seminars with Emilio will not be organized, but we advise you not to miss the chance to get a private lesson on tango, chacarera, zamba or another Argentine dance from the greatest maestro:

Video: Emilio Cornejo - Chacarera

Video: Emilio Cornejo - Zamba

Those wishing to take a private lesson from Emilio, we recommend contacting him directly via Facebook: Emilio Cornejo.

And, of course, Emilio is dancing with pleasure at milongas, so girls should be ready to answer his cabeceo! ;)

A little biography:

Born into a family of musicians and dancers, Emilio began dancing Argentine folklore at the age of five. Since childhood, he was attracted to the Malambo dance - a typical “Gaucho” dance, until now Emilio expresses his dancing skills, strength and personality through this unique dance:

Video: Emilio Cornejo - Malambo

Founder of his school of folklore "El Infernal", in 1998, with which he stood out with his creativity and diversity of choreography. Since 1999 Emilio has been conducting seminars throughout Argentina, working as technical jury of national folklore dance competitions, and also performing on the most important stages in Argentina and Latin America.

Over the years he has continued to develop his versatility and technical level ranging from contemporary dance, jazz dance, flamenco, to tango. Emilio's great skills have been recognized in Argentina and Worldwide in numerous folklore dance competitions, such as:

During his career, Emilio has worked in various dance companies, such as: Tango Rouge by Neri and Yanina Piliú, Tango Seducción by Gustavo Russo, Flamenco Vivo, Cristina Benitez Company, etc. He participated in Italian TV shows as a dancer and as a choreographer. He starred in the movie "Assolo" by Laura Morante (2016)...

Now Emilio has his own dance studio Astor Tango Academy in the city of Lappeenranta, Southeast Finland, where he continues to teach and to hone his skills.