DJ Alexey Doroschenko (Belarus)

Hi, my name is Aleksey and I am a tango-DJ

I started playing at Minsk milongas in 2009 and since then I have already played in Minsk, Kiev, Lviv, Moscow, St Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod, Vilnius, Tallinn, Tampere and Jerusalem.

I call myself a traditional tango DJ but not a conservative one.

During all these years I have learned both all the traditional DJing rules and how to break them when the moment really asks for that.

When choosing the music I prefer to use well-known traditional orquestras, while using wide range of their recordings and tanda-to-tanda dynamics to create a milonga that is full of well-known tango hits but still fresh and exciting.

I improvise during every milonga and almost every tanda is created on the spot. That way I can be sure that tanda beginning, development and ending all fit the current moment and desired milonga direction.

One more obsession I have is a sound quality at milonga. When not playing I try to obtain best versions of recordings I can find. Then at milonga make sure available files and equipment produce the best sound possible by adjusting sound processing for every tanda or even every song if required.

The longest DJing set in my life happened when my tango friend asked me to DJ on his wedding. It was 13 hour long mostly non-tango long set with just a bit of tango and folklore starting with some background music for the celebration dinner and ending with awesome dance-till-morning party.

And outside of tango life I'm 65% software tester PLUS 20% dancer-performer-etc PLUS 15% coffee nerd.