DJ Jaana Hänninen (Finland)

I started my tango life about 15 years ago and after that I’ve been active in the tango life in Finland. Playing music at milongas started with establishing the local tango community. As I learned about dj’ing more, I started to prepare well, but select on the spot what to play next, trying to react to the atmosphere present. I also always consider carefully the nature of the milonga, the amount and quality of the dancers etc. to choose the best music for the moment, the place and the dancers. DJ’ing has become a great source of joy for me as the dancing itself.

I play traditional music from late 20-ies to mid 50-ies and play in classical tandas with cortinas, trying also to give special attention also to the cortinas. I mainly dj in milongas around Finland, but also internationally. I’ve been dj’ing in The Canary Islands Tango Festival, The Frostbite Festival, Helsinki Milonga Weekend, World Tango Festival and also other events in Italy and Germany. I pay annually an official DJ-license for copyrights. When playing I show a stand where the dancers can see the name of the orchestra playing, plus what is coming up next. I am also open to the dancers’ wishes.

As my profession I work in the university hospital pharmacy in Kuopio, Finland. I am a mother of three adults and a grandmother of three children.