Our DJ’s

There’s most often space for a contemporary orchestra during her golden age sets. Danceable, consistent in theme and hand picked with love like all the other tandas.
Daniela is a Berlin local, both as DJ and in life. Since 2015 she regularly selects music for milongas, marathons and festivals throughout the city. She lived on and off in Buenos Aires and Berlin.

Jenni Valli

Jenni represents the one-person tango community of her hometown Huittinen in southern Finland. Since starting with tango over 15 years ago she’s been an active member around in the Finnish tango scene as an organizer of many milongas and events. Djing started very innocently parallel to establishing a new milonga but it soon grew into a more serious activity and a great source of joy along the dancing itself. As a DJ she’s traditional, giving special attention to the most central Golden Age orchestras and catchy cortinas. She’s a frequent DJ in milongas and events around Finland and has also enjoyed invitations to events widely in Europe.

Luis Angel Rojas

Luis Angel Rojas is an Argentine tango and folklore Dj, teacher and dancer.
He started dancing at an early age and has dedicated his professional life to studying and growing as a teacher and dancer.
He has toured Argentina, Uruguay, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Russia, France and Estonia as a tango DJ, performer and teacher of tango and folklore.
He also danced and musicalized in the most important milongas of Buenos Aires such as La Baldosa, Gente Amiga, Complejo Belgrano, De Querusa, Pipi Cucu and Milonga Parakultural.

Jani was born and raised in Finland but lived almost 18 years in the United States, where he also started tango in 2001. He started the first weekly milonga in his hometown and DJ’d there regularly until 2007. Jani has also DJ’d in various other cities around the United States coast-to-coast.
He relocated back to Finland in July 2012 and has since DJ’d regularly in various cities in Finland, and at various milongas and marathons all over Europe. He is also the organizer of the Midsummer Tango Marathon and Helsinki Milonga Weekend.

Thea Rørvik

“I have been DJing since 2015, playing regularly at the main milongas in Oslo.
My goal when DJing is to create the right mood with a balance of energy and emotion. I play music that I love, and always improvise during the set.
My heart belongs to traditional tango, mainly from the golden age. Favourite orquestas are Troilo, Pugliese and D’Arienzo”

Janne Ranne

Janne Ranne has been dancing tango since 2004 and DJing since 2016. Janne is best known for his blend of party cortinas and Golden Age tango. He was among those who struck the first beats of Tango Frostbite festival and also one of the organizers of legendary Tangosauna marathon.

“My musical selection reflects my deep affection for Golden Age tango music and the poetry of tango lyrics. The job of the DJ is to set the mood and provide the dancers with good, danceable music and a flow that makes sense. I try to achieve that by playing with different waves and intensities of energy and by paying attention to the dancers, as well as trusting my intuition. My favourite orchestra depends on the exact moment in time but if one thing is certain, it’s that there will always be Troilo on the menu.”

Antti Suniala

Dj Antti Suniala has been a regular highlight of milongas and festivals around the world including Buenos Aires, Berlin, Rome, Kiev, Vienna, Singapore and Tokyo. He is also well-known for his former weekly tango blog “Tanda of the Week”.
His selection of tango music celebrates the virtuoso orchestras, the greatest singers and the true passion of tango, and it is catered to the dancers needs, encouraging them to express their emotions and musicality through the dance. You can expect to hear some of most danceable traditional tango music from the late 1930’s to the late 1950’s and especially Troilo, Di Sarli, D’Arienzo, Calo, Laurenz, Biagi and Pugliese.