Our DJ’s

Carlos Gabral

Carlos, immersed in the embrace of tango since 2007, discovered the art of DJing in 2010. Since then he was DJing at many marathons and festivals around the world. “I love the golden age. Tango with a twist 😉,” he says. Carlos is the organizer of the Atlantico tango marathon in Porto as well.

Janne Ranne

Janne Ranne has been dancing tango since 2004 and DJing since 2016. Janne is best known for his blend of party cortinas and Golden Age tango.  He was among those who struck the first beats of Tango Frostbite festival and also one of the organizers of legendary Tangosauna marathon.

Irene Mahno

The main goal of my DJ-ing is to make people happy so that they breathe in at the beginning of the milonga and breathe out after the cumparsita. As a professional musician, I hear tango music in a special way and want to share my vision with the guests of a milonga.

I love Golden age music with a little bit of Guardia Vieja and modern orchestras. I also pay special attention to cortinas, which help create the right milonga atmosphere.

Bernt Andreas Drange

Bernt has been playing traditional tango tunes at countless marathons and festivals across Europe for over a decade. His blend of experience and charm captures the hearts of dancers while his carefully curated music selections keep people dancing all night. His genuine passion for traditional tango shines through in every set.

Alisa Zurmutai

“I think the role of the DJ is to help people enjoy themselves and have fun whether they are dancing, chatting or chilling. DJ has an awesome possibility to co-create a space where daily routines are forgotten, and awesome memories are made. I think regular life tends to be way too serious, so, on the contrary I mostly select tango and cortinas that will give more light, fun, romance and even silliness vibes.”

Luis Angel Rojas

Luis Angel Rojas is an Argentine tango and folklore Dj, teacher and dancer.

He started dancing at an early age and has dedicated his professional life to studying and growing as a teacher and dancer.

He has toured Argentina, Uruguay, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Russia, France and Estonia as a tango DJ, performer and teacher of tango and folklore.

He also danced and musicalized in the most important milongas of Buenos Aires such as La Baldosa, Gente Amiga, Compdjtextlejo Belgrano, De Querusa, Pipi Cucu and Milonga Parakultural.

Jaana Hänninen

“Playing music at milongas started around 2006. I mainly DJ at milongas around Finland, but also internationally. I play traditional music from the late 20-ies to mid-50-ies and I play in classical tandas, trying also to give special attention to the cortinas.

I see the milonga as an event where people come together to dance but also to socialize. I try to build my set to be rewarding for the dancers and to grow more intensive towards the end of the milonga. I think that the DJ is there for the dancers, and I enjoy DJing most when I feel that the communication with the dancers works and the atmosphere is good.”

Jani Keinänen

Jani was born and raised in Finland but lived almost 18 years in the United States, where he also started tango in 2001. He started the first weekly milonga in his hometown and DJ’d there regularly until 2007. Jani has also DJ’d in various other cities around the United States coast-to-coast.

He relocated back to Finland in July 2012 and has since DJ’d regularly in various cities in Finland, and at various milongas and marathons all over Europe. He is also the organizer of the Midsummer Tango Marathon and Helsinki Milonga Weekend.

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