• The event is role-balanced and registration is mandatory.
  • Registration can be made as a solo dancer or as a couple.
  • Anyone who was accepted in 2020 and has money saved with ADT, will be able use that money towards this edition, and will be automatically accepted.

Acceptance criteria

Please note that “first come, first served” is not a priority parameter in the registration process.

We want to, and need to, consider a lot of elements to obtain a good mix of people and role balance at the marathon, such as: country of origin (about 50% from Finland and 50% from abroad), dancing experience, and other events attended in the past. It is vital in a small hall, that all are capable of dancing in a crowded situation and not cause problems in the ronda.

The confirmation to participate is strictly personal and it is not transferable to another person without the organizers’ authorization.

AdT membership

If you reside in Finland you have to be a member of Amigos del Tango, ry., for legal reasons. Annual AdT membership is 25€.

AdT members are eligible for a 10€ discount from the marathon pass. Your membership needs to be up-to-date before marathon registration in order to qualify for the discount.

Membership in AdT, however, is not a guarantee of acceptance.

Acceptance process

After your registration you will receive an automatic email to confirm that the process was successful (if you do not receive an email, please, check your SPAM folder or contact us).

We will reply as soon as possible, but not immediately. Please keep in mind that we might need up to 20 days to process all the requests/e-mails. After this time, you will receive either a positive message confirming your participation, or an email for your inclusion on the waiting list (depending on the number of registered persons and their balance).

In your confirmation email you will receive the payment details.

Please note that your participation will not be confirmed until we have received and confirmed your payment. At this point you should change “interested” to “going” in the Facebook event.